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Referral Program – SoDak Screens | SoDak Screens Blog

SoDak Screens Referral Program:

Refer a potential customer to us and we’ll give you 10% of the order!

How the Referral Program works:


1.  You refer SoDak Screens to a friend/neighbor/family member…

2.  They place their order with us

3. Once the order is complete, you get paid!


We just need your email address to contact you, that’s it!  Very simple and easy!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  Is there a minimum number of items a person must place to receive this referral commission?

Answer:  No, there are no minimums required for this program!


2.  How will we be notified if my referral places an order?

Answer:  You will be notified with a thank you email when the ordering process has begun and when payment is complete.


3.  How will you get my email address?

Answer:  Be sure to give your email address to the the person who is placing the order.


4.  Is there a limit to how many referrals I can give?

Answer:  Absolutely not!  Just remember to have them provide us with your name and email address.


5.  Can I refer someone from my business or organization?

Answer:  Unfortunately, no.  We would love to have you refer us anyways, because of our high customer service and satisfaction, but we cannot offer any referral commission if you work for or own the company placing the order.


6. How am I going to get paid?

Answer:  You will be sent 10% of the order total, minus all applicable shipping and tax to your PayPal Account.